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Videos have become the most viral feature on any social media. Uploading clips on a daily basis is now a trend for both casual users and famous brands on Twitter. Undoubtedly, you can watch and share Twitter videos easily, but when it comes to saving them in your device (Android, iPhone, PC, tablet), it seems impossible. So, users tend to find the best solutions to download Twitter videos and favorite clips or videos to your computer.

People these days prefer watching visual clues rather than reading long texts. Social media is all about images, videos, and GIFs. Just like Instagram, Twitter also doesn’t provide an option to download or Twitter videos because of privacy issues. Sometimes when people like any media file, they tend to find the best third-party solutions to download Twitter videos on their Android, iPhone, Mac, PCs, or tablets.

Did you know that Larry is the name of the bird in the Twitter icon?

The design of Larry (the bird) was founded on a mountain bluebird and is made of overlapping circles. The former basketball player Larry Bird was behind this bluebird idea. A co-founder of Twitter, Biz Stone was a resident of Boston, and in this way, he paid tribute to the basketball hall of famer who played for Boston Celtics for all 13 series of his career.

Do you know that Twitter means “chirps from birds” that’s why Twitter icon is a bird?

If you are really looking for the best Twitter video downloader, then you are at the right site. Not only videos, but our online tool also works as a Twitter GIF downloader.
Our Twitter video downloader is a free online tool to downloader Twitter videos and GIFs instantly. With the help of our free Twitter video downloader, you can conveniently convert and download Twitter videos to MP4, MP3, and GIF files. Besides, you can also download your media files for free, and it does not matter whether you are an Android, iPhone, Computer, or tablet user.

You just need to copy the URL of the tweet and paste it in the given text box. Online Twitter video downloader will abstract the links of Twitter videos from the tweet, and you can easily save Twitter videos as well as audio files to your Android, iPhone, and PCs.

How to Download Twitter Videos Online?

It is now more accessible for you to download Twitter videos by using our Twitter video downloader. Also, don’t worry about how to download Twitter videos online, because you can save the video right after downloading the video through url link. To download video from Twitter, we have figured out a few steps to follow:

At first, open Twitter website or twitter app, and go to the tweet that has a video you want to download.

Fetch the link or URL of the tweet that has the video. For this, you need to click on the tweet, copy the URL from the address bar of the browser.

Click on three dots or ellipsis, and select “Copy link to Tweet.” Now, right-click on the tweet URL and “Copy link address.”

Past the link of the tweet in the field box and click on the “Download” button.

Why Choose Our Online Twitter Video Downloader?

Have you been thinking about why you should choose our online Twitter video downloader to download Twitter videos?

Here is the short answer! You should download video from Twitter with our online tool because we are the best out of the rest.

And the long answer is that we provide easy to use service, it has a user-friendly interface, it does not need any registration or fees, and it is available all over the world. Our online Twitter video downloader is exactly what you need.

Also, we make sure that our site does not host any copyrighted material or support illegal file sharing. All of the files we save are directly from Twitter CDN servers.

We are the best online tool to save Twitter videos because we have a safe and secure interface, that helps to extract direct links for your most wanted Twitter videos. Also, you can save videos to watch later when you are offline.

We are the best online Twitter GIF downloader because you will be ready to download Twitter video url in just a matter of seconds. All it happens as it is powered by the most reliable and valid server, and it is one of the fastest Twitter video downloaders on the internet. We are the best online Twitter video downloader because our tool also helps you to change your Twitter videos into MP3. You can easily listen to them while you are offline. You can also convert your Twitter video to MP3 or any format, including Music.

Below we have assembled a list of few generally asked questions that would clear up your doubts.

Does video Twitter downloader request any money after crossing the limit of downloads?

Not at all! Our video downloader on Twitter is entirely free and has no limitations to download videos.

What should I do if stuck into the error page rather than providing the right tweet link?

We recommend you to try downloading the Twitter video after some time because sometimes there is a queue on server and all the videos. The algorithm works the same for gifs from twitter or any content on its server.

Where do the videos save after downloading completed?

Usually, when you download video from Twitter, it saves under the “Download” folder by default. However, you can make changes in the default path according to your choice.
Once you click on the Download button that consists of your preferred video quality, the dialogue box will pop up on the device that may ask you for your desired folder where you want to save Twitter videos accordingly.
You can simply do it by pressing [CTRL + J] if you are a Windows user, and press {Shift + Command + J] of you are a Mac user.

Why my Twitter video is not downloading?

Here is a list of possible reasons behind these issues:

1. The link copied might be incorrect or a broken link.

2. The copied link might be of some private account.

3. The copied link might have a still image rather than a video.

How do I download Twitter videos on my mobile phone?

All you need is the URL of the video that you need to download and paste it in the given field box. Press the “Download”
It will redirect you to other pages with more download buttons following different video quality formats.
Press the “Download” button with the desired video quality for a few seconds and choose the Download link from the
options. That it!
Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded your wanted Twitter video in your device.

Can I still download a video if I am not a registered user of Twitter?

Not really! To download Twitter videos, you ought to sign up on Twitter and login to enjoy the option of downloading.